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In a previous post Learn to Shoot – Project Appleseed, I recommended an inexpensive class that teaches kids and adults alike the skills of marksmanship with a rifle. The post also went on to explain that anyone can go out and send lead down range, but there are a set of skills that are needed to shoot proficiently and form a foundation that other skills can be built upon; otherwise, you are just wasting time and money reinventing the wheel.

I was listening to The Survival Podcast a couple of weeks ago and heard an interview with Chris Sajnog, and he was discussing modern marksmanship fundamentals. I was really interested in the issues in marksmanship that he was discussing during the podcast, and hopped on over to Amazon to find his book. The book was on sale for $10 (it is currently $21) and it even stated that it included instructional videos to demonstrate the techniques that were discussed in the book! That was a no brainer, so I ordered the book and the videos started rolling in, but unexpectedly slowly. Let me explain; the book goes through the techniques one at a time in detail, and the videos are the same way. They come in every day or two and allow you to take time and learn each individual skill, and has served as a very effective way of instruction! Instead of reading through the book in one pass and remembering a few of the topics, each skill is addressed. Using these skills that I learned from Chris’s book, I shot the best group that I have ever shot. I got onto the range for the first time since reading the book, loaded 5 rounds into my pistol and shot the group pictured above at 7 yards! I did not practice beforehand; this was the first 5 rounds that I put downrange since the instruction from the book. But the book does not stop at pistols; it also discusses techniques for shooting carbines as well.

For those that cannot find instructors in your area or do not have the budget to pay for these types of classes, I highly recommend you get this book and build your core skills.


New Rules of Marsmanship – Chris Sajnog – The Survival Podcast Ep 1798

How to Shoot Like a Navy Seal by Chris Sajnog – Amazon Link


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    Jeffrey, I am with you. Chris is the real deal, a double threat who can both shoot well and teach. That’s rare. I’m so happy to see Chris got on TSP. He’s got so much to offer us. I read and reread his book and incorporate as much as I can into my dry-fire training, which is by far the bulk of my training.

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    I’ll definitely have to check his book and videos out

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