New Features Added to the Site

We have been spiffing up the site a bit.  You will notice we now actually look like who we are with a bit of branding, we are likely far from done but at least a new visitor will now realize exactly what we are all about.

Some other features added…

  • Email Updates – When I did this post I emailed all registered members of the site but I won’t be doing that very often, I am big believer in you getting only email you want from us.  So from now on if you want to get email updates of news and blog articles you will need to sign up for them, just use the form in the right margin.
  • Who’s online – You can now see active logged in members
  • Recently Active – You can now see members who were recently active.
  • New, Popular and Active Groups – You an now see our newest groups, most popular and active groups.

There have also been some recent great blog posts you may want to check out, they are…

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I am Jack, founder of the club.


  1. Profile photo of Darren

    We have appreciated and benefited from several of your labors of love. Many thanks Jack!

  2. Profile photo of Michael Sparks

    Looks great so far!

  3. Profile photo of Richard Byrd

    Thanks for setting this up Jack. I think this is such a great idea. I know the guns my grampa gave me are my most treasured possessions, and my son loves them too.

    Thanks again.

  4. Profile photo of Chris

    Is there a way to report posts or users as potential spam? I’ve only seen one instance of it so far, but as the community grows, it’s bound to grow.

    • Profile photo of JackSpirko

      Best thing to do for now is just PM or email me. The latest one was reported and is not toasted nicely as all spammers should be.

      • Profile photo of Chris

        Check. Looks like the offending account has already been squashed. Will keep that in mind if I see any others.

  5. Profile photo of Adam Butler

    Man I got one of them spammers and then another one in French

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