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    Good morning, all. Just a head’s up: there is an extremely onerous bill introduced by Rep Slocum this week in the MN Legislature. We need to get on the line and KILL HF3022, If you haven’t read the proposal, Slocum’s Gun Control MEGA Bill includes the following:

    * 2 day waiting period on all firearm transactions
    * Total ban on all private sales and transfers, including for inheritance, family, curio & relics, and antique firearms
    * Complete registration of all firearms
    * Bans all “assault weapons”, bump stocks, and large capacity magazines
    * Makes suppressors illegal again – possession is a felony
    * Requires all ammunition to be purchased in-person from a dealer – all ammunition sales will be tracked and registered.
    * Prohibits persons delinquent in paying child support from possessing firearms

    Current owners of “assault weapons” may keep them if they are registered and stored in line with newly defined local regulations – and inspected annually by the police.
    Call your representatives and send e-mails. We need to stop this one from happening. My source for the bill is the following link:

    Email or call and express your disapproval to this heinous gun control bill.

    Posted by Tim Skarin on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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