• Nate posted an update in the group Group logo of North CarolinaNorth Carolina 3 years, 5 months ago

    I am an EMT/Fire Fighter. I am currently working in insurance with NC Farm Bureau but getting out soon to go back full time into EMS. I rent my home but the land my house is on is 3 acres that my landlord doesnt mind me using as long as Im caring for it well. So, I’ve got a few chickens and plan to get my garden back going next year, insurance has been taking up too much time for the garden. Ive been looking into trying rabbits. I have been working to be self sufficient and to get my bushcraft skills up more. I am married with a 6 y/o son who I take out locally on an occassion to get him enjoying it but i totally cheat on those trips to focus on fun and bonding instead of skill building. I dont get to shoot as often as I’d like just due to the fact of money. Its expensive to throw rounds. Any ways. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys.

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