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    Any Rangers here? I have a co-worker who claims he was a Ranger at Ft. Lewis but when I ask what unit he was assigned to he says 7th ID, not 76th Reg. 2nd Bat., which is who he would have been with if he were an actual Ranger at Lewis. I think he did Ranger School but is giving himself an upgrade from Ranger Qualified to being a Ranger. Anyone help me out here? He served during the Panama invasion.

    • 75th I meant. Happy fingers! Anyway, it just bugs me that I think he’s lying about his service. Too many things don’t add up, like he couldn’t remember what kind of ammunition his M16 fired, yet he claims he was 11B and Ranger.

      • He is likely a bullshitter but perhaps not. Let me explain. I served with quite a few Rangers as in they were tabbed but we were not a Ranger unit, in one case we were Airborne and the other Aviation. Yet we had legit tabbed Rangers in our unit with us. Not all Rangers server in Ranger units all the time. But I do believe most do once qualified for at least a time, but man one guy that springs to mind was VERY young, like 21-23ish. So I doubt he was even in a unit for much time. I can’t believe any of these guys would have been tabbed and faking in in ACTIVE service you ass can be really fried for that. Just ask him about RIP, if he doesn’t know what that is he is FULL OF SHIT.

        FWIW RIP is Ranger Indoctrination Program it happens at Fort Benning no where else! It is sort of like BUDS is for SEALS, not everyone that gets through it becomes a Ranger but everyone that becomes a Ranger must first get through RIP.

    • There are Ranger school rangers and Ranger Regiment rangers. Also some Ranger companies from the 1940’s to the 1970’s are entitled to the title ranger. Most likely he went to ranger school. If you want to start a fight tell some one from rgt that the school is just as good as the life style. Be careful and only do that if you have good dental coverage.

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