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I learned how to shoot .22 rifles in the Boy Scouts when I was younger. My father was not in my life until much later on, and he is not an advocate of guns. For some of us, this (or some variation of) is the story, where we were never taught how to shoot by our family and will be the ones that actually start the tradition of passing down guns and the skills to shoot and hunt.

I have been aware of Project Appleseed(link) for a while now. They are an organization that offers low cost classes that teach kids and adults alike the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and they have courses, as far as I’m aware, in every state. For those people who were never taught how to shoot, or for parents that are inexperienced and want to learn this skill with their kids, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Courses cost 60$ per adult and $20 per kid, but there are Groupons(link) available for $40 and $14 respectively at the time of this post.

I realized something a few years back when I was at a range; that anyone can go to the range and shoot at a target, but the core skills that need to be developed to make you a proficient shooter really come from an instructor. This can be a parent, or a firearms instructor, but trying to figure out techniques on your own takes time. Time that could be better spent in other ways and would be far less costly (considering the price of ammunition).



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    I didn’t know about the Groupon, but this is worth it. Find one and go, that’s my advice.

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    I’ve participated in a couple of Appleseed events and the instruction was great, the kids loved it and it was for them to hear from somebody else the same things I was teaching them! The breaks were great with the discussion about history. I’ll keep attending as I find them wherever I may be.

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    Lots of them out there, my next one will likely be in September in Arkansas being run by a FB buddy of mine who

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    is on a podcast.

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