The K-Bosh on Spam

So I took a radical move but it should pretty much squash the spammers that are getting though at this site.  I just installed a plugin called iQ Block Country.  At this time only people from the US, The UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and a few other nations can access this site.  I realize that may effect some US citizens in other nations and that is too bad but, it should all but end our spammers from all over the world making groups about Justin Beiber and the like.

I figure it this way, Grandaddy’s Gun Club is really a US Based organization designed at least for now to serve as a meeting place for groups to organize around gun culture and gun rights.  This was not my first choice but it is the best choice for now.

I will be announcing this on The Survival Podcast and will mention it time to time.  This way those over seas who want to come to the site can simply email me their IP and I can white list it.  I hope this makes the site far more user friendly.

On another note iQ Block Country took a bit more than your average plugin to install, you have to download a database and upload it to your server in addition to the one click install of the plugin but it wasn’t difficult.  If you run a wordpress site and have a particular nation or two that causes issues, you can simply block just those.  What I did was flip around the selection (you just check a box) and rather than black list nations I simply chose the ones that could access the site.

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