Issues with Fake Accounts and SPAM


When I first launched the site it took about 48 hours for the autobots to find us and start setting up fake accounts.  I shut down registrations, found a great solution called, “Clean Talk” paid for it out of my own pocket and re opened the site, 99% of the issued stopped cold.

However the determined asswang (yes I invented a word) can still slip in, manually set up accounts and send inappropriate messages to members or set up idiotic groups on Xbox games or something like that.  As soon as I am notified I delete these groups or accounts.

Recently an asswang got in, and sent a bunch of you a solicitation to “hook up”, I had this account deleted in minutes from the first report, but by then asswang had bothered many of you.  A day later I am still getting reports about it.  That is okay, but understand I may not respond to them all but I will always nuke spammers.  There are two steps I want to take, one is done already the other I need some volunteers for.

Step one – I have now set up things this way, new signups will first have to sign up (and get past clean talk), then click an email to confirm they want to join, THEN I or another admin will have to manually approve them.  As the site gets more popular this could be a bit of a chore but less so then 50 of you being bothered by a single asswang.

Step two – I would like to add a few more trusted and word press experienced admins who can help with deletion of phony groups and fake accounts.  There should be a LOT LESS now with manual approval.

What I do not like about this is that manual approval makes new members have to wait for it.  But it is the best I can do under the circumstances.  If you are an experienced word press user and don’t mind a bit of vetting please email me at or PM me though the site if you want to help with the killing of spammers.

I also still want members who will blog about basic gun stuff, technical, gun rights, reviews, concepts you name it.  You do not have to be a wordpress guru to do this, doing a post is really intuitive and I can set it up where I have to approve the post, so you don’t have to worry and can’t hurt anything. If you would be interested in becoming a blog contributor here, please let me know.

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