How to Make a Post

So, you’re finally ready to make a post and share an idea with the entire Club, but, you don’t really know how to do it. You’re in luck, you’ve come to the right post! In a few simple steps we will outline how to create and modify a post and finally how to review and publish. So let’s get started…

How to Create a Post

First let’s start by creating the post and adding content in the editor…

Look for the plus symbol on the top tool bar and hover your mouse over it (or click on it) to bring up the menu and click on ‘post’ as seen in the picture below.

Create Post


This will bring you to the editor where you can start writing content, or post pictures, links or whatever suits your fancy. Enter a title for your post that states the main idea.

Post Title

Try to avoid using long title descriptions or with titles with multiple topics; keep it short and simple and to the point. You can use the content to outline multiple ideas.

Okay…now it’s time to get busy writing! Click on the next box down and start typing away!


Organized ideas are always appreciated, and it is easier to get your idea across to others. If you find that you are trying to discuss something difficult, break it apart into pieces that you can address individually. If the post is too long or seems messy, you might consider breaking it into separate post(s).

Note that you can copy and paste content using standard methods and shortcut keys to save time. Also, if you are using a quote in your text, you can use the quotation tool located in the toolbar to emphasize it in the text.

Quote Tool

By highlighting the text and clicking the tool, it will indent the text and enlarge the font in the final post to make it stand out. This text should be its own paragraph so that it will be separate from the other text, otherwise using the quote tool will select the entire paragraph that you are not trying to quote!

Adding Media to Your Post

You can add various media to your posts including videos, pictures and links to other websites or post within Granddaddy’s.Let’s discuss each in more detail.

Inserting Videos and Pictures from your Computer

If you have a video or picture (aka media) that is on your computer, you can insert it into your post suing the Add Media tab tool that is located on the top left corner of the text box above the toolbar.

Add Media

When you click this tool another window will pop up that looks like this…

Media Select

If you have already uploaded media to your library then click on the media that you want to insert, and when its highlighted with a check mark in the corner, a blue button on the lower right of the screen will become active that says ‘Insert Into Post’. Click on this button and you’re done! But, what if you don’t have a picture uploaded yet?! No worries, just click on the tab that says ‘Upload Files’.

Upload Files Tab

From this screen you can either drag media files onto it or click on the ‘Select Files’ button in the center of the screen.

Select Files Button

From here you can select the media from your computer and when you click on ‘Open’ the file will immediately start uploading to the Media Library tab. When its done, you can highlight it by clicking on it (check mark on the corner of the media) and then click on the ‘Insert Into Post’ button on the bottom right of the window. Violà! The last thing to do is to scale the image. In the corner of the image, there will be a small white box in each corner. Click and hold down the left button on the mouse while dragging in or out to scale the image.

Finally, to adjust the position of the media or other attributes, click on the image and a tool bar will show up below. The first set of buttons will allow you to position the media within the text. The pencil button allows you to adjust the attributes. The ‘X’ allows you to remove the media from the post.

Inserting Videos and Pictures from the Web

To do this, click on the link on the left of the Insert Media window that says ‘Insert From URL’.

Insert Media from Web

Click on this link and enter the web address. Click on the ‘Insert Into Post’ button and it will appear in your post. Note that the media should be inserted as a separate paragraph. If you try to insert media from a URL in the middle of text, it may just show up as a link.

Adding Links To the Text

If you want to add a link within the text, there are a couple of different ways.

Method one; highlight the text that you want to link to and select the ‘Insert/Edit Link’ tool on the tool bar.

Insert Link

The highlighted text will have an address/search bar below it that you can either enter the URL of the link that you want to share, or you can enter a search of a post on Granddaddy’s and link to another post.

Link Options

When you’ve linked to the post or URL and you are done, select the blue arrow to establish the link. The text will turn green (by default) to show that the text is linked. You can also click on the gear button to link the text, but this option will also allow you to change the text of your link in the ‘Link Text’ box. If your link text is a URL, for instance, you can change the text to something else (i.e. “Click for more information,” or “Link to Cool Guns.”)

To remove a link, highlight the text again, and select the ‘Remove link’ button on the tool bar located next to the ‘Insert/Edit Link’ button. The text should change back to the original text color.

Reviewing and Publishing

Everything is written and your ready to post! How about a quick review to make sure that everything is copacetic? On the right of the screen is the ‘Preview’ button. Click on this button and a new browser tab should open and you can look at the formatting of the text, media, links and everything else associated with your post.


Now is the time to change things around if you need to. Did your link work? Does your message make sense?

Time to Publish! When everything looks good, were ready to publish! Click on the ‘Publish’ button on the right side of the screen and your post is out for everyone to view! But wait! Perhaps you want to delay the post until a certain date, or you want to make the post private or password protected. Just below the ‘Preview’ button, you can change the attributes of the post. Click the ‘Edit’ link and adjust as necessary.


Hope this how to has been helpful. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions please let me know. I promise I won’t be offended. I will also try to make a video in the next couple of weeks for the visual learners out there.




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