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Right now the site is kind of bare bones in look but not in features.  You can create groups to discuss anything and you can begin to create local groups, not only that.  Every group can create its own forum and you can even create private groups and forums.

Now to be clear, only an admin can add a forum to the General Forums area, but anyone can create a group and then a sub forum for just that group.

This site is full of features and will enable people to find each other, set up shoots and camp outs and take anything they want to at the group level private, how cool is that?

We are just getting started, if you want to help on a technical level I have a private group called the Beta Team, just send me a friend request then message me to add you to the club.

Note to those signing up, you have to click a confirmation email after you do so to activate your membership.

For the beta team, right now I need people who

  • Know how to make graphics
  • Know how to customize word press
  • Know how to maximize the use of BuddyPress and BBPress
  • Are willing to develop how to material, like how to create a group, how to post a picture, etc with screen shots
  • To do general blog posts on the site

To be clear this is a very grass roots project and I am looking for volunteers not contractors at this point.

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I am Jack, founder of the club.


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  2. Profile photo of Brandon

    Hello Jack. Thank you for starting this club.

  3. Profile photo of Caroline

    Jack, I love this idea. I have a son and granddaughter who have and will benefit.

  4. Profile photo of Capathome

    I have a gun picked out for an outing.

  5. Profile photo of Kendall Melbye

    Hello Jack, Great idea!

  6. Profile photo of Clay

    Loving the idea of this site!
    Although I live in canada and Second Amendment rights don’t apply, I feel the need to pass my dad’s rifle down the line in the presence of like minded people.

    From the not so frozen north. THX Jack

  7. Profile photo of Cameron

    Thank you Jack. This is a wonderful creation. What a great way to help protect our second amendment rights, and pass the love of guns on to another generation.

  8. Profile photo of Brandon

    Hello, from Texas!

  9. Profile photo of John

    This is a great idea Jack! I can’t wait to see where it goes.

  10. Profile photo of FLBiker

    Great idea! I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    • Profile photo of FLBiker


      Lol John, I didn’t read any comments before I posted…great minds just think alike 🙂

  11. Profile photo of Caroline

    Jack, my son, Eric, attended your workshop in W. VA last year and brought me back a hat signed by you and Nick. The stories he told me about his experience were awesome. Thanks for all you do.

  12. Profile photo of DaveC

    Thanks for bringing this goal to reality, Jack. Looking forward to hearing great stories and memories being made.

  13. Profile photo of Tim Glance

    I love this idea Jack.

    As soon as I heard this one thing that may be worth considering as it goes forward is becoming an affiliate with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. It only takes $30 a year for a club to be an affiliate and once that is done anyone who is a member is eligible to purchase M1 Garands at a substantial discount via the CMP- as low as $630 for a safe and functional but well worn (in my mind that is more history and stories to tell) M1 Garand right now. That would allow people who join without a heirloom rifle to get one just like their dad or grandfather used in the Army in many cases.


    • Profile photo of JackSpirko

      My guess is that each local club would need to be an affiliate, but I am not sure about that. I know being in the NRA does not count for CMP but if you are in the TSA (Texas State Rifle Association) you do qualify to buy from CMP.

    • Profile photo of JackSpirko

      BTW Tim just realized that was you, so glad you are part of the team already.

      • Profile photo of FLBiker

        If that’s a possibility, I’d love an M1 Garand, and it would be a great rifle to pass down for this project.

    • Profile photo of Jeffery Havard

      Wow! Thanks for the info on this. I love these old rifles!

  14. Profile photo of Chris

    Love this idea.

  15. Profile photo of Joseph DAdnrea

    Great Idea Jack. I’ll post the video to a couple gun groups I’m part of on FB.

  16. Profile photo of Michael Brame

    Thank you and I remember the first time you talked about starting this club. Just last year my grandfather past away, but before he went he handed all the old hunting guns down to me and my brother. Plan on doing the same to my grandkinds in 40 yrs or so. Keepin a family tradition alive

  17. Profile photo of Monroe Deese

    Great idea

  18. Profile photo of J.R.

    Hello from South Central Kansas

  19. Profile photo of chris Anagnostopoulos

    Hey Jack, thanks for doing this, I’m looking forward to great things to come from this club!

  20. Profile photo of Desert Ranger Tycho

    Aloha Jack, Thanks for starting this club. I can’t find the reference but I remember reading that what defined America’s success was that we were a nation of people who formed clubs. Clubs, in turn, were the means to effect real change in the members’ lives and, indeed, nation wide.

  21. Profile photo of Derrick (Southern Maryland)

    Hello everyone, I am located in S. Maryland, this is a great idea to build a local groups of like minded people. Thank you Jack.

  22. Profile photo of Lane Raper

    Howdy from WY
    I had never thought of the idea of a club like this but the concept of revering Grandfather’s guns really became obvious to me in the mid 90’s when I worked in a pawn shop: guys would come in and pawn a rifle or shotgun and say, “There is no way I won’t come back for this, it was my GRANDFATHER”S” We’d usually never see those weenies again. I ended up with a few of those guns which obviously meant more to me than they did to them.

  23. Profile photo of Josh Noland

    Thanks Jack, I just joined the Antelope Valley group and I can’t wait for our first outing!

  24. Profile photo of jay player

    Great idea Jack!

  25. Profile photo of Adam Butler

    Man this is awesome!!!

  26. Profile photo of Roger Haffner

    Thanks Jack and great idea

  27. Profile photo of

    Hey guys,

    not US based (yet) but a passionate firearms owner and an advocate of self defense and the right to own and bear arms without restriction, as you can imagine that makes me rather the outsider in my homeland (UK & NZ)

    Jack I would be happy to help with any design needs for the site (logo, backgrounds and such) so feel free to drop me a message and I will do what I can for the site

  28. Profile photo of JBFlorida

    Jack, great idea. Basing the club on Aaron Lewis’ music video is genius. It’s difficult to add anything to what his video tells us. But I will say that by showing our children responsibility with a deadly weapon and how to use it correctly, respect for wildlife, respect in general, outdoor survival skills, self-reliance, we also show them an alternative to the corruption that surrounds us and we show them that that we respect them and love them. This should improve our families, and hopefully influence other families to do the same. My kids are out of the house now and have kids of their own. Yep I’m a granddaddy. My opportunities to do things with them is limited now – but still possible and I will try. Looking back, I see that I should have spent more time doing these things while they were still home. Thanks for caring about your fellow man, Jack. I’m a TSP fan since 2011.

  29. Profile photo of Tom

    Couldn’t wait to join the site once I heard about it on TSP, Jack. Thanks for getting this started!

  30. Profile photo of Chris Allen

    What a tremendous idea, we build community, strengthen relationships with our families, positively influence our children and grandchildren, support noble causes rooted in liberty, and take a solid stand for liberty and the 2nd amendment. Wow! talk about a mult-purpose group. Jack this has the potential to bless many lives for generations to come.

  31. Profile photo of Erik Olsen

    Greetings from St Louis. Thanks for setting this up!

  32. Profile photo of Jeffery Havard

    Hi! I’m Jeff and really glad to be a member of a group like this. I had been thinking for a while how over time our freedoms are being eroded by legislation or complacency, and how, some day we may lose our abilities to shoot either by lack of skills or interest. Since my daughter has been asking for the last year, she and I are going to purchase her first rifle this week, and I am really looking forward to teaching her. She is already asking when we can go hunt! I think that this is one way that we can preserve our culture and is the reason that I am a member of Granddaddy’s.

  33. Profile photo of Miles

    hello! I’m in British Columbia, can help with developing how-to material

  34. Profile photo of john keith

    Love this concept but have nothing to offer beside use. Thanks Jack and the others working to make this happen

  35. Profile photo of Ryan

    Greetings from central PA. I can do general blog posts if you need someone for that.

  36. Profile photo of ScottO

    Welcome from Northeast Ohio!

  37. Profile photo of Nate

    Hello from SW Pa!

  38. Profile photo of Paul Downs

    Glad to be part of this group.

  39. Profile photo of Charlie Dake

    Hey guys. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out in the Adirondack foothills. Not interested in leading/starting anything, but happy to support as able.

  40. Profile photo of Bryan Murphy

    Hi all.

    Thank you VERY much for starting this up Jack! Here in southern Oregon, maybe we can partner with a bit of northern California and start a “State of Jefferson” group.

    I hope to get my stepson to join and let some of his fellow service members in the Navy know about it.

    Once again, THANK YOU JACK!

    Best regards,


  41. Profile photo of Michael

    Hi from Australia. Thanks for this jack and everyone else here.

  42. Profile photo of Nate

    Hey from Eastern NC

  43. Profile photo of Harry Wald

    Thanks Jack for TSP. You motivated me to seek a better independent life style. Two weeks ago I moved out of New York City and relocated to a area where I can work towards the life I want for my family. Today I purchased my first gun, I got a 10 22 nothing fancy but something I will hand down to my kid one day. For now any grandparents (gun experts) in the New York State Orange county area that want to hang out and help me learn abut guns hit me up. Jack thanks for the motivation and keep up the great work.

  44. Profile photo of Mo

    Thanks Jack for starting this site. I created a group for Western Washington. We’re not all gun-hating Statists on the Left Coast. Hopefully we get something good and constructive going over here and start networking out with others from the our region of the country. My son just turned 7 and his sisters are closely behind him. Now is a great time for him to meet other gun enthusiasts and start learning safety and techniques. I like your thoughts on using AirSoft. Anyway, thanks again.

  45. Profile photo of Neil

    Glad to be here! Great idea

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