First GDGC Official Meet, Camp and Shoot Scheduled for May 5-7 in Corsicana TX

DavidS here at Granddaddy’s Gun Club has taken the reins in getting the first ever official meet, camp and shoot set up for us in Corsicana, Texas.   This shoot is being coordinated within the North Central Texas Group.  We are limiting this first one to about 50 people.

To join in this shoot, first, join the club if you have not already.  Please note to keep spam down all members require manual approval so it may be a bit before I get your new account approved after you join.

Next join the North Central Texas Group – Yes you can come from outside of the area if you want to.

Check out The Official Event Post in the Group

Contact Brad Garbers as indicated in the post to reserve your spot and get further details.

That is all there is to it.

P.S. – I hear some of you saying “hey Jack when are we going to do one in my area”?  The answer is whenever you want, the GDGC is member led.  It is up to individual groups to set up, manage and run their own meet ups, shoots or even just plain hang outs, etc.  However it is you get one going in your group, just hit me up and we will post it on the main blog just like this, I will publicize it via my other channels, etc.  Key here is though this is a DOocracy, if you want to get something going in your area, you got to get up and get it going.

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    Great to see…from Central Florida, have a great time!

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