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So you set up or join a group, you want to connect but you have to remember to come back and check it to see what is going on. What the hell is this 1985 on the ebullition boards with a Commodore 64? We can’t have that, so I added a new feature where you can get email notices to all group activity.  You can select a daily digest, new topics only, everything or a weekly digest of new activity, how cool is that.

I have it set so new members automatically are subscribed, they can change options or opt out but our existing members will have to opt in on their existing groups.  Here is how to use this feature,

Step One – Find a group you are a member of

Step Two – click on that group

Step three – you will see your email notice status at the top of the group, click there and select the type of updates you want.

Here is a screen shot of the options.


This should make the site far more interactive and convenient and it puts you the user in total control of your notifications.

Another cool feature for you group admins is you can send an email to all group members with an override to notification settings, this  should not be used often but for important group announces you know everyone gets it.  This is for groups you are the moderator/admin of only.

To use it go into your group.  Click on manage, then click on Email Options in the sub menu, note you must click on manage first, the email options in the main menu are for your personal options.

You will then see a form to send the entire group an email.

Also there you can set up a welcome email for all new group members.  This is good for rules of the group, personal contact information, etc.  Anything you want for your group really.

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