First GDGC Official Meet, Camp and Shoot Scheduled for May 5-7 in Corsicana TX

DavidS here at Granddaddy’s Gun Club has taken the reins in getting the first ever official meet, camp and shoot set up for us in Corsicana, Texas.   This shoot is being coordinated within the North Central Texas Group.  We are limiting this first one to about 50 people. To join in this shoot, first, join the club if you have not already.  Please note to keep spam down all members require ma... »

The K-Bosh on Spam

So I took a radical move but it should pretty much squash the spammers that are getting though at this site.  I just installed a plugin called iQ Block Country.  At this time only people from the US, The UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and a few other nations can access this site.  I realize that may effect some US citizens in other nations and that is too bad but, it should all but end our spammer... »

Issues with Fake Accounts and SPAM

When I first launched the site it took about 48 hours for the autobots to find us and start setting up fake accounts.  I shut down registrations, found a great solution called, “Clean Talk” paid for it out of my own pocket and re opened the site, 99% of the issued stopped cold. However the determined asswang (yes I invented a word) can still slip in, manually set up accounts and send i... »

Learn To Shoot – Chris Sajnog

In a previous post Learn to Shoot – Project Appleseed, I recommended an inexpensive class that teaches kids and adults alike the skills of marksmanship with a rifle. The post also went on to explain that anyone can go out and send lead down range, but there are a set of skills that are needed to shoot proficiently and form a foundation that other skills can be built upon; otherwise, you are ... »

New Features Added to the Site

We have been spiffing up the site a bit.  You will notice we now actually look like who we are with a bit of branding, we are likely far from done but at least a new visitor will now realize exactly what we are all about. Some other features added… Email Updates – When I did this post I emailed all registered members of the site but I won’t be doing that very often, I am big beli... »

Learn to Shoot – Project Appleseed

I learned how to shoot .22 rifles in the Boy Scouts when I was younger. My father was not in my life until much later on, and he is not an advocate of guns. For some of us, this (or some variation of) is the story, where we were never taught how to shoot by our family and will be the ones that actually start the tradition of passing down guns and the skills to shoot and hunt. I have been aware of ... »

How to Make a Post

So, you’re finally ready to make a post and share an idea with the entire Club, but, you don’t really know how to do it. You’re in luck, you’ve come to the right post! In a few simple steps we will outline how to create and modify a post and finally how to review and publish. So let’s get started… How to Create a Post First let’s start by creating the post... »

Email Notifications Added to Groups

So you set up or join a group, you want to connect but you have to remember to come back and check it to see what is going on. What the hell is this 1985 on the ebullition boards with a Commodore 64? We can’t have that, so I added a new feature where you can get email notices to all group activity.  You can select a daily digest, new topics only, everything or a weekly digest of new activity... »

Welcome to the Club

Right now the site is kind of bare bones in look but not in features.  You can create groups to discuss anything and you can begin to create local groups, not only that.  Every group can create its own forum and you can even create private groups and forums. Now to be clear, only an admin can add a forum to the General Forums area, but anyone can create a group and then a sub forum for just that g... »

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