Month: May 2016

Email Notifications Added to Groups

So you set up or join a group, you want to connect but you have to remember to come back and check it to see what is going on. What the hell is this 1985 on the ebullition boards with a Commodore 64? We can’t have that, so I added a new feature where you can get email notices to all group activity.  You can select a daily digest, new topics only, everything or a weekly digest of new activity... »

Welcome to the Club

Right now the site is kind of bare bones in look but not in features.  You can create groups to discuss anything and you can begin to create local groups, not only that.  Every group can create its own forum and you can even create private groups and forums. Now to be clear, only an admin can add a forum to the General Forums area, but anyone can create a group and then a sub forum for just that g... »

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