Welcome to The Granddaddy’s Gun Club

Welcome to our beta launch of the Granddaddy’s Gun Club!

If this is your first visit the first thing you will want to do is become a member, doing so is free, all you do is click the Join Link to do just that.

Once you are a member you can find, create and post to groups.  Groups can be public or private, the choice is yours.  I have created our first public group for the North Central Texas area.  This will help local clubs form in my area, please feel free to create groups for your area.  There are NO RULES about how big or small an area may be.  What is a next door neighbor in West Texas is 20 towns over in Pennsylvania.

Of course our entire concept was inspired but the Song Granddaddy’s Gun by Aaron Lewis.

Some other things you can do is connect with other members, just like you have “friends” on Facebook.  Of course we won’t be sharing your information with the NSA the way they do!  To see what everyone has been up to (with public activity anyway) just click activity.

~ Jack Spirko, Founder of The Granddaddy’s Gun Club

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I am Jack, founder of the club.
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